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A New You

Vacation in Paradise and come home a New You!


The Dominican Republic has a long history as a travel destination for Canadians, Americans and Europeans. Its Caribbean locale, beaches and lush tropical jungles welcome visitors to the perfect getaway. Surrounded by clear blue waters, the Dominican Republic is a slice of paradise. More recently, tourists have been combining their Dominican vacation with a medical treatment for far less than the prices charged in their home countries.

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Why choose the Dominican Republic for travel and treatment?


The Dominican Republic offers travelers world-renowned beaches and numerous luxury accommodations, most of which are all-inclusive. With a warm climate and sunny skies year long, travelers can escape cold winters at home.


The tourist industry is booming with visitors not only spending their days relaxing on the beach but also exploring the country's interior, which is full of lush rain forests.


Close proximity to Canada and the United States makes the Dominican Republic an especially popular destination for North Americans seeking low-cost medical care. Europeans, also make up a large percentage of the medical tourists in the Dominican Republic. The price of airfare, accommodation, cost of desired surgery, and a few days to explore the country amount to much less than only the surgery in the United States, Canada or Europe.

Medical Facilities in the Dominican Republic

The medical facilities in the Dominican Republic are modern and staffed with qualified doctors and nurses who speak English. Facilities are modern and on par with those in Canada, the United States or Western Europe. Doctors practicing in the Dominican Republic are board certified and highly qualified, with as much training as doctors in North America and Europe. Many doctors have also trained abroad at world-renowned universities.


The Dominican Republic's Hospitals and International Standards of Care

Medical procedures and treatments in the Dominican Republic are priced much lower than those in the North America or Europe. The more popular cosmetic surgeries include tummy tucks, liposuction, and facelift. The price of a facelift in the United States could set you back around $9,000, while the cost is around $4,700 in the Dominican Republic-a savings of almost 50%. Doctors in the Dominican Republic are also seeing more visitors arriving for Lap-Band and gastric bypass surgery for medically required weight loss. Gastric bypass surgery in the US costs from $20,000 to $25,000 for only the surgery, while in the Dominican Republic, an all-package for accommodation and care is around $16,000.

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Convalescence in the Dominican Republic

There could not be a more desirable region to recover from a medical procedure than the Dominican Republic. Patients will be taken care of and closely monitored post surgery. There is nothing more soothing than looking out onto the Caribbean Sea and listening to the breaking of the waves. Patients will be treated to a spa-like experience in the days following their surgery.


Dominican Republic Travel Information

There are no visa requirements for Canadians, Americans and Europeans traveling to the Dominican Republic. Although the national language is Spanish, many citizens speak English, and almost all doctors specializing in the medial tourism industry speak English fluently. The currency is the Dominican peso (DOP or RD$). Voltage is 110 V / 60 Hertz, as it is in North America. 

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